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Coloring Textured Hair: Dos and Don'ts for Vibrant Results

Coloring Textured Hair: Dos and Don'ts for Vibrant Results

Textured hair is a stunning canvas that allows for a plethora of creative and vibrant hairstyles. From curly to coily, each hair type possesses its unique charm. When it comes to coloring textured hair, the possibilities are endless. However, achieving vibrant and long-lasting results requires careful consideration and proper techniques. In this blog post, we'll explore the dos and don'ts of coloring textured hair with the help of TXTUR products to ensure you achieve that stunning, head-turning look while maintaining the health and integrity of your tresses.


Consultation with a Professional Stylist and TXTUR Overnight Bond Building Mask:

Before embarking on a coloring journey, it is crucial to consult with a professional stylist experienced in working with textured hair. They will assess your hair's current condition, texture, and porosity, and suggest the best coloring techniques and products suited to your hair type. The night before the consultation and before coloring, use TXTUR Overnight Bond Building Mask to nourish and prepare your hair. This unique blend of ingredients strengthens your hair, creating a protective barrier and preventing excessive damage during the coloring process.

Choose the Right Coloring Technique:

When it comes to coloring textured hair, there are various techniques to consider, such as balayage, highlights, or all-over color. Opt for a technique that suits your hair texture and desired look. A stying cream can be used to define and shape your curls or coils, making it easier for your stylist to visualize the best coloring approach based on your unique hair pattern.

Use Ammonia-Free Hair Color:

To minimize damage and maintain the health of your textured hair, choose ammonia-free hair color options. An ammonia-free formula offers a wide range of rich and vibrant colors without the harsh effects of ammonia. The technology ensures even color distribution, providing you with flawless and vibrant results without compromising the hair's integrity.

Regular Moisture Maintenance with TXTUR Leave-In Conditioner:

After coloring, your textured hair will require consistent moisture maintenance. Use TXTUR Leave-In Conditioner regularly to retain color and keep your hair hydrated. This lightweight spray enriched with natural ingredients that’s meant to nourish and revitalize your hair, preventing color fade and promoting healthy, radiant locks.


Avoid Frequent Color Processing:

Coloring textured hair frequently can lead to over-processing and damage. Give your hair sufficient time to recover between color treatments. Opt for low-maintenance coloring techniques that require fewer touch-ups, and rely on TXTUR products to maintain your color's vibrancy and your hair's health in between salon visits.

Say No to DIY Color Kits:

While DIY color kits may seem tempting, they can be risky for textured hair. Achieving vibrant results on textured hair often requires specialized knowledge and techniques. Avoid the risk of color mishaps and seek the expertise of a professional stylist who can ensure a flawless outcome.

Steer Clear of Bleaching at Home:

Bleaching is a complex process that should be left to the hands of professionals. Textured hair can be more susceptible to damage during the bleaching process, and improper application may lead to uneven color or breakage. Always entrust this task to a skilled stylist who can achieve your desired results safely.

Don't Skip the Patch Test:

Before any color application, it is essential to conduct a patch test to check for any allergic reactions or sensitivity to the color product. Textured hair can be more sensitive to certain ingredients, and a patch test will help you avoid potential adverse reactions to the color products.

Avoid Overusing Heat Styling Tools:

Color-treated textured hair is more vulnerable to damage, so it's essential to reduce heat styling to a minimum. Excessive use of heat styling tools can cause further dryness and breakage. Embrace your natural texture and explore heat-free hairstyles to maintain the vibrancy and health of your colored locks.


Coloring textured hair can be a transformative experience, adding a touch of vibrancy and individuality to your look. However, it is crucial to follow the dos and don'ts mentioned above and incorporate the use of TXTUR products to achieve the best results without compromising the health of your tresses. Consult with a professional stylist, indulge in pre-treatments, and use TXTUR's specialized products to ensure your colored textured hair remains stunning and vibrant long after the coloring process. Embrace the uniqueness of your hair and experiment with color responsibly with the help of TXTUR, for a head-turning and awe-inspiring look.

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