Hair porosity is mainly genetic, but can also be altered by damage caused by heat or chemicals. We determine how porous your hair is by the condition of your hair cuticle structure, which is that last layer on each individual hair. Hair porosity is classified by 3 types: low, medium and high.
Low Porosity A super tight cuticle layer makes it more difficult for moisture to break in, but also more difficult for moisture to leak out once it is in.
  • Hair might take a long time to dry
  • Can resist hair color/chemical process treatments
  • Tends to be more prone to product build up
TXTUR Recommendation: The TXTUR Bonding Shampoo is Sulfate free and will do wonders for keeping your hair & scalp free from product build up. Once that old product is off your scalp, the TXTUR Bonding Shampoo, followed by the TXTUR Bonding Conditioner, can then sneak in all the moisturizing goodness to your curls.
Medium Porosity A looser cuticle layer, which allows moisture to be let in & out of the hair more easily.
  • Tends to be pretty balanced with little issues absorbing or retaining moisture. Just remember, keeping damage to a minimum & continuing to infuse moisture to strands will help keep hair in this healthy state.
TXTUR Recommendation: Regular use of the TXTUR Bonding Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave in Conditioner Spray will be ideal for your even-keeled curls. Occasional treatments with the TXTUR Overnight Bond Building Mask will deliver extra moisture on dry days.
High Porosity A cuticle layer with more openings (think, sponge-like) that allows moisture to go in, but also out quickly. High porosity hair can benefit from plenty of TLC, nourishing proteins & added moisture. Leave in Conditioner treatments can also be a great way to keep the hair hydrated throughout the day.
  • Might dry quicker
  • Can be more prone to frizz, tangles & feeling dry
TXTUR Recommendation: The TXTUR Overnight Bond Building Mask & Leave in Conditioner will be your go to for keeping curls nourished with locked in moisture.


Hair Elasticity How much or little the hair will stretch and return to it’s original shape.
  • Hairs are made up of protein and moisture.
  • The balance between them determines the elasticity of your hair.
Overstyling, processing from heat & chemicals can all lead to protein imbalances, which can alter that elasticity factor.
  • Use TXTUR Leave in Conditioner to help with detangling curls.
  • Lather on the TXUR Overnight Bond Building Mask to help with over processing from heat & chemicals.